Frequently asked questions for users

问:{{BotName}} Telegram BOT 是什么?

答:{{BotName}} Telegram BOT 可以让您私密访问全球各地的模特🌎选择您的位置,浏览火辣👱🏻‍♀️👩‍🦱👩🏾‍🦳模特👩🏻🧑🏽‍🦰🧑🏻‍🦱



🟢 = 近期活跃、人气上涨、tweet、旅行

💎 = 高级模特

💖 = VIP 模特

✈️ = 当前旅行中

💯 = 100% 验证

👀 = 本月总查阅量

Q: Which girls you can find on the Escort Near Me Telegram BOT?

A: In the Escort Near Me Telegram BOT you can find VIP escorts, Premium escorts, verified escorts, independent escort girls and agency escort girls.

Frequently asked questions for models

Q: How can I add my profile to Escort Near Me Telegram?

A: You need signup at one of our network websites, you can find our network of websites 👉 here.

Q: When is your profile visible in the Escort Near Me Telegram BOT?

A: You must be at least 18 years old.

Your photos must have 100% verified status.

You must upload at least 1 NON NUDE image.

You must have PREMIUM or VIP status.

You must have boosted your profile recently in the dashboard of one of our websites.

Q: How to get Premium or VIP status?

A: Signup at any of our network websites 👉 here, create a profile and buy a Premium or VIP package. In some countries we have FREE PREMIUM promo specials!

Q: Do I need to do something to show my advertisement in the Telegram BOT?

A: No, it's a automatic system, all profiles which accept our rules will be displayed in telegram automatically however to get more views and show up first in Telegram we recommend you to boost your profile at least once a day.

Q: Which images will show in Telegram?

A: You need upload minimum 3 photos to your profile and at least 1 non nude image, only up to 5 non nude images will shown in Telegram. Nude images will not show in Telegram.

Q: Is NUDE pictures allow?

A: You are allowed to upload NUDE pictures but we will NOT show them in Telegram. Your nude pictures will only be displayed on our network websites for (registered) users.

Q: Is Escort Near Me telegram BOT blocked in countries like UAE, Turkey, Middle East?

A: No, telegram is not blocked in any country around the world on this moment.

Q: Which profiles you display first in Telegram?

A: we are using BOOSTS, so to be first you need to BOOST your profile in any of our network websites. The sort order is determined last boosted and slots are limited.

Q: How to BOOST your profile?

A: Just login to your account at any website of our network website dashboards and you will see a big button to BOOST your profile.

Q: How long will it take before my profile shows up in Telegram?

A: We update our Telegram data base every 12 hours with new profiles however BOOSTS are instant once your profile shows up in Telegram.

What is the Escort Near Me Telegram BOT?